About Us

The Machan Trust is a charity operating in Larkhall and the surrounding areas of Ashgill, Netherburn and Stonehouse in South Lanarkshire, Scotland.


 Our vision is to make a positive difference to the life chances of children and young people in the Larkhall area by providing activities, experiences and opportunities to them and their families, and by doing so build a stronger community.

  • To encourage, enable and empower young people

  • To engage with children and young people where they are; in their communities, at school or elsewhere

  • To build trusting relationships with children and young people so they are enabled to make positive choices

  • To provide a range of opportunities that expose them to the range of activities available to them

  • To give priority to areas of greatest need

  • To actively develop the skills and leadership capability of volunteers and staff

Strategic Themes

  • We will focus our efforts on the key issues in the local area

  • We will use our activities to address these key issues

  • We will deliver our activities in the local area, rather than one central location

  • We will enhance support for our volunteers

  • We will seek further funding to deliver more of our activities in areas where we do not currently work

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