The Machan Trust provides activities for children in Primary 1 - Primary 7 in Larkhall and the surrounding areas.

Children Playing
Plain Toast
Ready for School

Breakfast Groups
Working within Hareleeshill, Netherburn, Craigbank and St Mary's Primary Schools, we engage with children while providing a healthy breakfast for them. Children attend the breakfast club and are able to eat breakfast, take part in activities with their peers and catch up on any homework they may have.

Lunch Groups
Working within Netherburn, Craigbank, Hareleeshill and St Mary's Primary Schools, we deliver lunchtime activities for children, providing a fun and safe environment.

After School Groups
We deliver a range of after school activity groups including science, drama, gardening, and more. From 3.00pm-4.15pm children come and have fun at our after school groups, learning new things and making new friends!